Chopin’s Attractions

Be it with the setting sun in the summer and live music, or at full sail, the “Chopin“ will always give you an unforgettable adventure. The Masurian landscapes are best seen from the deck of our sailing ship.
We most often sail the fascinating lake, namely the Śniardwy. You can always set sail there, and during meal time, hide from the wind on the high banks of the Czarcia. With some luck, Bełdany offer a view on Polish horses from the deck.

Sailing in Masuria comes complete with sailor songs – shanties, sung by renowned performers. The ship has songbooks available, which are a souvenir of your voyage and allow singing together. The performer is a bellwether who is to encourage that.

The „Chopina” offer includes multiple musical settings:

  • Romek Tkaczyk: sound system, guitar, vocals. Shanties and tourist song.
  • Shanty band “Szybki montaż“ [ Listen to “Ziemia Obiecana” ] from Mrągowo: sound system, lights, full instruments. Shanties and tourist song.
  • Katarzyna Sobczyk: Vocal with musical background. Jazz standards, club music. Warm and elegant ambience.
  • Jurek Porębski: sound system, guitar, trumpet, vocals. An artist – shanty performer – is actually the originator of the Polish shanties, referred to as the “Professor”. He is a sea expert, warm and immensely intelligent. He offers amazing recitals.
  • Mirosław Kowalewski „Koval”: sound system. Leader of the band “Zejman i Garkumpel”, a ribald bellwether who will get any company running splendidly.
  • Marek Szurawski – shanty performer – expert on the sea and sailing traditions. Great animator for sailor fun in good taste.

Animation and Events

Apart from the attractions provided by musicians, there are various kinds of animations on board, which are meant to involve guests in an active form of play. As a rule, programs are arranged individually according to the needs of the group. This requires the involvement of an outside company dealing with the organization of such events.

  • Chopin’s Birthday” organized by ICP Poland. Late 1960’s, deep communism. If you want to get a drink, you have to bribe the bartender with the “Kwach” banknotes, printed for this occasion specifically. The presence of the SB (Security Bureau – former socialist-Polish secret police) forces you to take intellectual effort. When it comes to MO (Civil Militia), all it took was just plain smarts.
  • Casino Night” organized by Casino Poland. Roulette, Black Jack, Poker.

“Dragon Boat” Regatta

The „Chopin“ offer also includes the organization of a sports event, whose uniqueness lies in true integration. The Dragon Boat Regatta is a very dynamic race – sprint at a distance of about 400 meters. The teams are wearing t-shirts of different colors.

Example of team breakdowns: Administration vs. Sales, Customer Service vs. Manufacturing, etc. A team may be up to 20 rowers plus the helmsman and drummer. This type of event creates a unique opportunity for team building. With two Dragon Boats it is possible to make a regatta even for a large group – cup system. Finishing the race, with announcing the results and awarding the honors, may be a promise of a rematch next year.


Sailing Village Krzysztof Kosinski

Plac Wolności 3
11-730 Mikołajki, Poland
Mobile phone: +48 600 890 838

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