Cruise ship experiences

  • Corporate sailing event?
  • Friendly reunion?
  • Hop onto the Chopin cruise ship and let’s go sailing!

A trip aboard the ‘Chopin’ cruise ship on the Great Masurian Lakes guarantees an unforgettable experience for your office team!
Sailing is an excellent team building event, and is also a unique occasion to experience an
extraordinary adventure and get to know each other better. The cooperation required during
sailing teaches effective ways of working as a team and the beautiful views help to calm the
nerves and allow you to fully rest, far away from everyday hustle and bustle of the city. What’s
more, great cuisine, a well-stocked bar and breath-taking views of nature mean that there’s little left to be desired.
Everyone leaves our ship with fantastic energy and raised spirits. Come and check it out for yourself!

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Sailing Village Krzysztof Kosinski

Plac Wolności 3
11-730 Mikołajki, Poland
Mobile phone: +48 600 890 838

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