Catering offer

The standard offer of “Chopin” includes catering service. Meals are served on chinaware, in the form of a buffet on the aft deck. If necessary, a tent is stretched over it to protect against rain or sun. The suggested menu is related to regional cuisine.

  • Grill – pork neck in herbs, potato sausage, black sausage, sausages Salads: cauliflower in garlic and mayonnaise, tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, Greek salad.
  • Smoked fish plate – trout, dew, sage – served on lettuce with grapes and lemon. The fish are smoked the night before the cruise.
  • It is possible to expand, change or combine individual menus according to customer wishes. We can prepare any dish in the form of catering, which is an alternative for the more sophisticated culinary needs.

Long lunches onboard.

Enjoy a delicious lunch onboard our ship. Relax into a two-hour journey aboard the largest inland sailing ship in Poland. You will discover our picturesque lakes, Mikolajskie and Sniardwy. During the cruise, you can take in the beautiful scenery whilst enjoying a delicious two-course lunch and refreshing drinks.

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Unique dining experience:

Plan a dinner on a ship The three-hour cruise on the ‘Chopin’ is accompanied with live music and a brilliant dinner. Katarzyna Sobczyk’s singing with musical accompaniment will create exceptional ambiance.

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Bar offer

Below the deck of the ship there is a club with an exquisite bar, a dance floor, sound system and a multimedia display screen. The interior’s comfortable furnishings and ergonomics are ideal for organizing:

  • integration meetings,
  • occasional events,
  • training sessions,
  • business meetings,
  • conferences

The bar offer is very comprehensive. It is equipped with a professional coffee maker, beer tap as well as a plethora of cold beverages, wines and spirits. The bar staff will gladly conjure colorful cocktails on request.

Classical interior design creates an ambience that cannot be achieved in just any environment, and the impression it makes is unforgettable for customers, business partners, friends and family.


Sex On The Beach PLN 20.00
Cranberry vodka, Malibu, orange juice, blackcurrant juice.

Cuba Libre PLN 20.00
Rum, Coca Cola, lemon juice.

Kamikaze PLN 22.00
Blue Curaçao, vodka, lemon juice (served in four shot glasses).

Bloody Mary PLN 17.00
Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, spices.

Malibu PLN 15.00
Malibu, condensed milk.

Coffee Cream PLN 15.00
Bayley’s, condensed milk.


Mojito PLN 25.00
Rum, lime, brown sugar, mint, sparkling water.

Margarita PLN 25.00
Tequila, Cointreau, lemon juice.

Caipirinha PLN 22.00
Cachaca, lime, brown sugar.

Tequila Sunrise PLN 22.00
Tequila, orange juice, grenadine.

Campari Cocktail PLN 22.00
Vodka, Campari Bitter, orange juice, lemon juice.

Blue Lagoon PLN 20.00
Vodka, Blue Curaçao, Sprite, lemon juice.

Hot drinks
Instant tea 6,00 PLN
Coffee 8,00 PLN
Espresso 8,00 PLN
Cappuccino 10,00 PLN
Latte 6,00 PLN

Cold drinks 20 cl
Orange juice 5,00 PLN
Grapefruit juice 5,00 PLN
Blackcurrant juice 5,00 PLN
Apple juice 5,00 PLN
Tomato juice 5,00 PLN
Mineral water 5,00 PLN
Coca Cola 5,00 PLN
Sprite 5,00 PLN
Fanta 5,00 PLN
Tonic 5,00 PLN
Red Bull Energy Drink 10,00 PLN

Draft beer 0,5 l 8,00 PLN
Draft beer 0,3 l 6,00 PLN
Beer syrup 1,00 PLN

Aperitif 4 cl
Campari Bitter 12,00 PLN
Vodka 4 cl
Finlandia 14,00 PLN
Absolut 14,00 PLN
Chopin 12,00 PLN
Gold Wasser 12,00 PLN
Sobieski 10,00 PLN
Żubrówka 10,00 PLN
Krupnik 10,00 PLN
Tequila Olmeca
- silver, gold
16,00 PLN
Cachaca 15,00 PLN

Gin 4 cl
Gordon's 14,00 PLN
Beefeater 14,00 PLN
Seagram's 14,00 PLN

Rum 4 cl
Bacardi Carta 14,00 PLN
Seniorita 12,00 PLN

Whisky & Whiskey 4 cl
Chivas Regal 28,00 PLN
Jack Daniel's 20,00 PLN
Johny Walker Black Label 25,00 PLN
Johny Walker Red Label 18,00 PLN
Ballantine's 18,00 PLN
Jim Beam 18,00 PLN
Grand's 15,00 PLN
Cognac 4 cl
Martel VSOP 50,00 PLN
Hennessy VS 30,00 PLN
Brandy 4 cl
Metaxa VII 25,00 PLN
Metaxa V 22,00 PLN
Metaxa III 18,00 PLN
Stock 17,00 PLN
Napoleon 14,00 PLN

Vermouth 10 cl
Martini Bianco 10,00 PLN
Martini Rosso 10,00 PLN
Martini Rose 10,00 PLN
Martini Dry 10,00 PLN

Liqueur 4 cl
Cointreau 16,00 PLN
Kahlua 16,00 PLN
Amaretto 16,00 PLN
Passoă 12,00 PLN
Bayley's 12,00 PLN
Malibu 12,00 PLN
Blue Curaçao 12,00 PLN
Imprezy na statku Chopin
Ślub na statku Chopin


Sailing Village Krzysztof Kosinski

Plac Wolności 3
11-730 Mikołajki, Poland
Mobile phone: +48 600 890 838

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